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Seattle Center

Saturday was a spectacular Spring day!  We haven’t had many of those lately, so Lisa and I took the opportunity to enjoy some sunshine and take our friend Finn to see the Star Wars exhibit at Pacific Science Center!

The World Rhythm Festival was going on, so we ate hot dogs on the lawn while listening to them perform.  We then spent time marveling at the International Fountain, which is always a treat, especially on a warm day.

Before long we headed into the Science Center where we enjoyed ourselves playing with bugs and butterflies on display there before watching the IMAX film Born to be Wild in 3D, followed by even more fascinating science displays.

It was then time to see the Star Wars exhibits!  I really enjoyed seeing these artifacts of my childhood up close and took a lot of photos.  Below are some of them.  Enjoy!

PacificScienceCenter (6)PacificScienceCenter (8)PacificScienceCenter (14)PacificScienceCenter (25)PacificScienceCenter (30)PacificScienceCenter (40)PacificScienceCenter (52)PacificScienceCenter (69)PacificScienceCenter (70)PacificScienceCenter (74)PacificScienceCenter (87)PacificScienceCenter (100)PacificScienceCenter (109)PacificScienceCenter (125)PacificScienceCenter (135)PacificScienceCenter (139)PacificScienceCenter (143)PacificScienceCenter (147)PacificScienceCenter (156)PacificScienceCenter (151)PacificScienceCenter (175)PacificScienceCenter (177)PacificScienceCenter (182)PacificScienceCenter (193)PacificScienceCenter (197)PacificScienceCenter (213)PacificScienceCenter (224)PacificScienceCenter (228)PacificScienceCenter (242)

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