did he have passion?

hilarity ensues

kid eternal
14 November 1970
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  • i'm a neverending sea of desire.
  • i'm a wizard in a tower in the heart of a red mountain.
  • i have a pretty good understanding of how things work; i haven't got a clue.
  • differences inspire me.
  • i wear comfy all-purpose shoes.
  • i thought napoleon dynamite was hilarious!
  • i take good care.
  • i own a segway and a race car, and drive them way too fast.
  • i've kept tropical fish alive for 3+ years now!
  • i love newness and despise trends.
  • i'm big on fun, food, music, film; sensual things that don't cause lasting damage.
  • freeing one's mind from all influences reveals the truth.